01 February 2018

UK-based NBS announced two major developments geared to better connecting manufacturers and specifiers across the UK and Australia.

The announcement was made at BiLT ANZ in Brisbane this month, that the NBS BIM Object Standard and NBS National BIM Library have been updated to improve its use across the country with the addition of Australian-specific content.

Widely adopted across the UK and used around the world, the NBS BIM Object Standard will allow manufacturers to share their product information digitally across UK and Australia, and allow designers and specifiers to download country-specific standardised objects from the NBS National BIM Library.

This update from NBS who provide technical information, specification and BIM tools to construction industry professionals adds to its current UK and Canadian offering.

NBS Chief Executive, Richard Waterhouse, said: “We understand the frustrations and time constraints of trying to manage badly constructed data, which is why we were quick to recognise that the lack of an industry-wide standard for BIM objects was a significant barrier to the construction industry's successful transition to a digital future and its adoption of BIM.

“Our vision is for the entire global construction industry to have access to BIM objects that can be used freely, safe in the knowledge that they contain the same levels of information with the appropriate geometry all wrapped up in a consistent and highly useable format; BIM objects that can deliver accurate data at the right time to inform decisions and minimise risks on any project.”

The first Australian manufacturer to sign up to the NBS National BIM Library since the new update is Gunnebo, a global leader in security products, services and solutions.

Global Product Manager for Gunnebo, Sergio Zanghellini, said: “BIM objects, and BIM philosophy in particular is setting a new era for specifiers, manufacturers and dealers. Anything to help simplify our job, as well as resulting in better management costs, is beneficial for everyone involved. I consider NBS an excellent and professional organization on a global scale, helping us to provide our clients with the best and most up-to-date services and tools.”

The NBS National BIM Library is already used across Australia and this latest development is something NBS hope will improve this experience, bringing further time savings and minimising risk on construction projects.

The library hosts generic and manufacturer BIM objects, created to the NBS BIM Object Standard, that are freely available for designers and specifiers to download. Manufacturers who update their BIM objects to the updated standard will be found more easily by users of the library across the country.

“Through the NBS National BIM Library we deliver rich, up-to-date and standardized product information to the designers and specifiers who need it, by working with manufacturers to describe and structure the information needed,” added Mike O’Brien, Technical Manager at NBS in Australia.

“Through this standardized approached we help improve interoperability, increase efficiency and minimise risk for those who write and manage BIM content. The free-to-use guidance included in our BIM Object Standard is a great opportunity to help write product information that can be more readily used by specifiers and designers”.

A recent BIM survey carried out by NBS, now in its eighth year and seen as a recognised industry report, revealed that 67 percent agree that the NBS National BIM Library provides the highest quality content and 53 percent agree that it provides the greatest ease of use.

When asked about the NBS BIM Object Standard, over three quarters said that the standard is useful and because all objects on the NBS National BIM Library conform to this standard, their high quality is assured.

Visit theNBS.com.au and NBS National BIM Library to find out more about the NBS BIM Object Standard and the NBS National BIM Library in Australia. To find out more about NBS at BiLT ANZ visit theNBS.com.au/bilt.

You can also email info@theNBS.com or call 1300 263 553.