15 October 2018

A new strategic partnership between UK-based NBS and Digital Node’s Australian business, was announced this week, aligning both businesses across the two countries.

Rebecca De Cicco, Managing Director for Digital Node, will act as a consultant for NBS in Australia, raising awareness of current tools and services available for construction industry professionals, including the NBS National BIM Library as well as the integrated tools and processes enabling BIM.

Having founded Digital Node back in 2013 in the UK, Rebecca and her team have grown the business into a global success story working from offices in Australia and the UK. The team work with clients across multiple continents to help them realise the potential of using BIM processes to suit a particular project.

On announcing the partnership, Rebecca said: “I am very happy to support NBS in Australia and strengthen our relationship across continents. I have always had a very close tie to the NBS in the UK and therefore supporting their products, business and people was a priority for me personally and for the business.”

The partnership marks another successful step for NBS who set up a subsidiary of the company in Melbourne, Australia back in 2017 and have since launched an update to the NBS National BIM Library and NBS BIM Object Standard to increase the use across the country.

Chief Executive of NBS, Richard Waterhouse, said: “Digital Node and Rebecca herself have built a highly respected and authoritative business within the world of BIM in Australia and in the UK.

Collaboration is a term we come across time and time again when we talk about BIM; sharing knowledge and insight and working better together – this is our hope for the partnership.

Richard Waterhouse, CEO, NBS

NBS, who provide technical information, specification and BIM tools, recently launched its first cloud based specification writing platform, NBS Chorus. A collaborative specification platform supporting global design and construction, NBS Chorus is aimed at those professionals who need to produce high quality specifications efficiently.

The use of cloud technology ensures that those using the new platform have the latest software and global content at all times, improving collaboration and efficiencies across whole teams and minimising risk.

Richard continued: “Some of the biggest issues for our customers when it comes to producing specifications are: unstructured content, barriers to collaboration and lack of connectivity between specifications and the rest of the project.

“NBS Chorus allows the whole team to work together as one. It connects the people you need wherever they are, provides the whole team with accurate global standards and classifications and connects this all together in a platform built for BIM on a global scale.

“We see NBS Chorus as the future of specification and see true value for anyone who wants to come on this journey with us. NBS Chorus for specification writing and NBS National BIM Library for modelling is a powerful combined solution to help provide efficiencies and reduce risk for project teams around the world.”

Head of Partnerships at NBS, Sascia Elliott, said: “Digital Node is at the forefront of promoting the benefits of BIM and together we share the same ambition for BIM technology – it was a natural fit to take this global journey together.”

To find out more about NBS Chorus, visit theNBS.com/chorus
To find out more about the NBS National BIM Library, visit nationalbimlibrary.com
To find out more about NBS visit theNBS.com

For more information, please contact NBS PR Executive Jennifer Scullion on +44 0191 244 5523 or email Jennifer.Scullion@theNBS.com.


ABOUT NBS: NBS is committed to offering distinctive, innovative specification and information solutions to construction industry professionals and are proud to be leading the construction industry in its digital evolution. Our origins lie in the National Building Specification and for over 40 years we have developed and produced NBS products which support the built environment. Our NBS specification products cover construction, engineering services and landscape design.

More recently we have developed an integrated Building Information Modelling (BIM) platform that has been designed to support global design and construction. It currently has four major components:

  • NBS BIM Toolkit: BIM execution plan, roles and responsibilities.
  • NBS Create: BIM specification and knowledge platform.
  • NBS National BIM Library: BIM object library, generic and actual.
  • Construction Information Service (CIS): Standards and regulations.

CIS is delivered via a joint venture with IHS Markit. This relationship has successfully prospered for many years.

Our products are recognised as being individually effective in their own right, but via the linking of the data, classification and integration, the true power comes through these connections across the NBS BIM platform. Combining world leading technology with expert knowledge, NBS is trusted to help construction industry professionals make the best project decisions.

To find out more about NBS, visit www.theNBS.com

ABOUT DIGICON: Digicon is a premier source of construction-related information in Canada - primarily in the form of master specifications, software for specifications and BIM, and related services. Digicon is a Canadian corporation based in Alberta for more than 20 years, starting as a father/son family business and now transitioning into NBS, a division of RIBA Enterprises.

Digicon’s flagship products are its master specifications, designed for the large and small commercial sectors (CMS and MiniSPEC), and the residential sectors with HomeSPEC, and project management documents such as OutlineSPEC and MasterPP.

Digicon has a direct licence with the National Research Council (NRC) to publish the Canadian National Master Specification (NMS). Visit www.digicon.ab.ca for more information.