25 September 2020

NBS, the leading specification platform for the global construction industry, has announced a collaboration agreement with Central Innovation, GRAPHISOFT Archicad partner in Australia, releasing an add-on to users to build models and specifications together in the Archicad environment, reducing risk, improving productivity and increasing quality assurance on projects.

Archicad is the leading Building Information Modelling (BIM) software application developed by GRAPHISOFT, and is used by architects, designers, engineers and builders to professionally design, document and collaborate on building projects.

NBS Chorus enables Archicad users to develop their models and specifications at the same time, keeping their information co-ordinated and creating a seamless link between the design and specification - saving time and reducing the risk of information becoming out of sync.

In line with evolving design standards, the collaboration is part of a mutual commitment to improving the accuracy and quality of specifications, helping to support architects, designers and specifiers’ interpretation of information, and their ability to make informed choices.

Together, NBS and Central Innovation seek to drive efficiencies, value and better design through improved specification content and reducing misunderstandings. Utilising NBS Chorus and NBS Source, Archicad users are able to access the most comprehensive, consistent and up-to-date catalogue of building product information and specifications in Australia.

Richard Kidd, ANZ Executive AEC at Central Innovations says, “We're very pleased to partner with NBS, and to offer Archicad customers in Australia this tool to make it easier to benefit from NBS' Uniclass specification accessed through NBS Chorus. In an ever competitive and time-sensitive Building and Construction Industry, effective specification combined with OpenBIM in an integrated design workflow based around GRAPHISOFT’s Archicad helps give our users a competitive edge to make informed 3D, 4D and 5D BIM decisions to help de-risk and improve project delivery.”

Lincoln Easton, Managing Director NBS Asia Pacific, adds, “Providing high quality information efficiently and accurately, in a cohesive way, promotes best practice and ensures industry structures align. For too long Australian specifiers have had no choice but to rely on disconnected and manual MS Word and Excel processes.  A digitally connected approach to specification helps professionals do their jobs efficiently and is crucial to promote best practice within the wider construction industry.”

He adds, “Our partnership will enable us to work closely with Central Innovation and its customers to deliver the best quality guidance and consistent standard of information on a single platform that is quickly understood.”

To learn more about NBS Chorus and the GRAPHISOFT integration, request a no-obligation demonstration here

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