BIM Report 2019

Read the first-ever definitive BIM report focused on Australia and New Zealand

Get the latest in BIM adoption and trends with case studies and actionable insights from industry professionals across Australia and New Zealand. Architects, state governments, digital specialists and academics share their experience of BIM and digital engineering as we enter a new age of the built environment.

This survey suggests that BIM adoption in Australia and New Zealand is relatively high, at least comparable with the UK. BIM is seen as part of a wider wave of digital transformation that most professionals are keen to be on. They can see its potential for improving the industry but highlight the challenges to overcome and embed it into the day-to-day.

David Bain, Research Manager, NBS

Report highlights

  • Indications are that BIM adoption in Australian and New Zealand is high and that there is a strong BIM community driving its use.
  • The benefits of BIM are being realised, including increased speed of delivery and operation and maintenance savings for asset owners.
  • Built environment professionals want simplicity and consistency in terms of terminology - not lots of new jargon.
  • There are great strategy and policy initiatives to help the industry move forward with BIM and digital transformation but does there need to be a federal mandate?
  • Over 50 pages of industry-specific content that are full of beautiful charts, graphs and graphics.