28 October 2021

From marketing masterclasses for building product manufacturers, to expert advice on how to modernise your specification process, our webinars are a way to share our knowledge with Australian design and construction industry professionals. Here's five of our best, available to view any time, on-demand. 

Click the headings of the webinars you want to watch. If there's a topic you'd like us to cover in a future webinar, get in touch and let us know.

1. Introducing SpeedSpec content to NBS Chorus

Back in April we introduced the SpeedSpec content library to NBS Chorus. SpeedSpec has been widely used by Australian specifiers in Word document format for over 20 years. It's a concise and customisable content set ideal for architects and designers specialising in smaller projects. In this webinar, you'll learn all about the benefits of using SpeedSpec specification content and how to get set up. By going digital in Chorus, SpeedSpec users are able to save time, reduce risk and create better documentation. Your specifications are now accessible from anywhere, at anytime on your computer, tablet or phone. It also means multiple people can collaborate on specifications at the same time, with a full audit trail documenting design decisions and revisions history.

2. Marketing Masterclass for Manufacturers - Optimising Lead Generation

This masterclass was well received by our NBS Source Partners and Australian building product manufacturers. Generating a steady stream of leads is crucial for manufacturers to secure opportunities and win deals. With a fluctuating marketplace and the rapid growth of digital marketing, manufacturers need to optimise their approach to lead generation to stay competitive. In the webinar, Eva Dixon, our Sales & Marketing Director, presents lead generation strategies and tools that help identify where manufacturers should focus. You will learn how lead-gen can support overall marketing and business plans, and how to measure success.

3. The Benefits of Specifying with NBS Chorus Pro

Chorus Pro is our most popular specification package. Watch this webinar to discover the innovative features available with NBS Chorus Pro and how they can help users to work smarter and safer and collaborate effortlessly on projects. Essential viewing whether you're a current subscriber to Chorus, or considering signing up to modernise your spec writing process.

4. Marketing Masterclass for Manufacturers - The Specification Marketing Cycle

This webinar gives suppliers looking to reach architects and designers a fantastic overview of the specification marketing cycle for construction. We explain how manufacturers can create a strategy that helps them reach specifiers at all stages of the product selection process. Learn more about the tactics, insights and tools that can be employed to take a fully integrated digital marketing approach which ultimately helps manufacturers to get their products specified.

5. NBS Chorus Masterclass: Modernising Specifications

Last but not least, this webinar is a practical session showing you how to modernise your specification process. Specification is experiencing a revolution. Factors driving the need for change include increased compliance regulations, digitalisation, and the shift to remote working. Watch this session to see first hand how NBS Chorus can bring your spec writing into the digital age, while upskilling staff, saving time and reducing risk. You will learn to:

  • Associate model objects with their exact specification clause with NBS Chorus plug-ins
  • Use NBS Source to instantly add certified manufacturer products to your specification
  • Maintain compliance and quality control by inviting users for real time collaboration

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