26 April 2021
Australian owned paint supplier Baxta Engineered Coatings has provided quality systems in excess of 165 tier one, two & three commercial construction projects over the last six years.   

This company has joined NBS Source as a featured manufacturer to offer product information in an easily accessible and digitised format that is ideal for architects and designers. 
About Baxta Engineered Coatings

Baxta was born out of a desire to:

- Provide an outstanding alternative to the commercial paint and render industry
- Break monopolies and create competition
- Introduce coating systems warranted from the substrate out 
- Provide outstanding technical support for specifiers

This Australian brand works with architects, builders and painting contractors who require the best systems, products and advice. By using Baxta’s top-quality products, construction professionals ensure that building finishes, both interior and exterior, are correctly matched to the different substrates used throughout the project.

The team at Baxta has unique knowledge of and expertise in paints, renders and textures, how they should be applied and in which order to the many varieties of materials used in the building industry.

Clients who worked with Baxta benefit from knowing that the substrates on their project have been coated with the correct systems using products that meet Australian standards. Endorsed by The Green Building Council, Good Environmental Choice Australia, resulting in finishes that give new buildings healthy buildings with excellent durability and lower ongoing maintenance costs.


Project Name: 443 Queen Street, Brisbane

Architects: WOHA and Architectus
Featured System: Baxta Xero Advanced Low Sheen White System.

The residents of 443 Queen Street will dwell in a subtropical-designed building that will live, breathe and respond to Brisbane’s benign climate. This revolutionary structure is the first of its kind in Australia. 
We could see NBS Source as an emerging platform for architects and designers in Australia, and we are looking forward to increasing our exposure within this area of the construction industry

Bob Matthews, CEO

Project Name: Herston Quarter
Architects: Hassell, Nettleton Tribe, Elevation Architects.
Featured System: Baxta CovaCoat and Maxicap Elastomeric System for Lead Paint

Australian Unity’s Herston Quarter Health Precinct is a diverse, vibrant and connected community that delivers health services, aged care and supporting and complementary uses.


Because the decision-makers at Baxta understand the long hours involved in the Design and Specification process, they are always looking to help make life easier for Architects, Designers and Professional Specifiers. 

According to Baxta General Manager Bob Matthews, “NBS Source is like a one, stop shop for sourcing and comparing the best building products required for the life of the building. Not only is this a much quicker and easier process on one platform but we can ensure the correct coating systems are specified for all substrates and building types.”

Bob and his team appreciate that NBS is an Australian-based platform. “We could see NBS Source as an emerging platform for architects and designers in Australia, and we are looking forward to increasing our exposure within this area of the construction industry.”

To build Baxta’s reputation as a leading supplier to the commercial construction industry, the company has developed Revit material files and wall types by some of the most innovative developers in the world. As Bob explains, “We wanted to make sure our digital objects are of the best quality and make work easier for our customer base.”
NBS Source is a single digital source of building product information structured in a standardised format (Uniclass2015) from thousands of manufacturers. It combines everything specifiers need to make design decisions in one place – product properties, certifications, associated brochures and data sheets, specification clauses and digital objects.

With NBS Source, specifiers can add product data directly into a specification or design model via full integration with NBS Chorus with the click of a button, saving countless hours of hunting down products on the web or in printed brochures.

Australian technical product specification information and BIM objects from Baxta Engineered Coasting are now available on NBS Source.

View Baxta Engineered Coatings on NBS Source.