25 March 2021

Find out how our pre-written templates and typology skeletons make specification writing quick and easy. 

Specification templates

Templates are pre-written specifications for a wide variety of building systems. 

The majority of the specifications are already filled out, and you can simply fill in the products you want to use. 

We have templates available in a works package list for 82 systems including internal walls, doors, ceilings, floors, roofs, external walls, joinery and balustrades. 

To see what is possible with NBS Chorus, download a sample specification here.  

Typology skeletons

If you’re specifying for a particular typology, such as retail or hotel, you can use our skeletons. 

We provide 12 skeletons in total for typologies including retail, office, hotel, industrial, healthcare, aged care, residential block, residential domestic, performing arts, fit out, primary school, and restaurant. 

The skeletons outline what systems are needed for each specific typology, so you won’t miss anything. You can then fill out all the details you wish to use for those systems. 

Why choose NBS Chorus specification software

NBS Chorus is our online specification software platform, designed to make it easy to collate the data you need to produce robust specifications. 

Your team can collaborate on design projects in real-time, from anywhere, whether they are working remotely or in the office.

You can keep track of all amendments and contributions, in your team or by consultants, by turning on the tracking option.  

You can also reduce time spent on future projects by saving standard templates clauses and sections via our Masters feature. On any project there will be aspects similar to previous jobs, so rather than starting from scratch for each new project, you can build a library of commonly used clauses tailored to your organisation and clients. 

Book an NBS Chorus demo to learn more about how NBS can help you work more efficiently.