25 February 2021

Say goodbye to disjointed design project management and step into the new age of digital workflow with NBS Chorus.

In this article we explore the key benefits of NBS Chorus and how we’re making it easier for you to take your specification management online.

Importing your Word specification templates

Are you currently using Word documents for specification?

When you transition to NBS Chorus, you can import all your current, static Word-based specification templates straight into the Chorus cloud.

Have the peace of mind that all your specification templates will be available in Chorus, plus you can also access Uniclass 2015 structured content whenever you need it.

Once your specification documents are uploaded to the cloud, you can continue to edit them directly within Chorus. With our friendly team of experts on hand to guide you through the entire Chorus set up process, you won't miss a beat.

Why choose NBS Chorus specification software

NBS Chorus is our online specification software platform. This means your team can collaborate and coordinate your design projects in real-time, and anywhere, whether you’re remote working or in the office. 

Chorus fully integrates with modelling software platforms Autodesk Revit®, Graphisoft ARCHICAD and Nemetschek Vectorworks, allowing you to develop your model and specification at the same time. 

It’s easy to keep track of all design decisions and revisions made throughout the entire project, all in one place.

Book an NBS Chorus demo to learn more about how NBS can help you work more efficiently.