25 March 2020


Chorus is based entirely online, meaning you can access it anywhere. Whether you’re in the office, your home office, or the living room couch, all you need is an internet connection and a modern browser like Chrome, Safari or Firefox and you can access the NBS Chorus site

Many users have already told us that the ability to work from their personal devices using home or public Wi-Fi connections has saved them time normally spent at an office desk. 

NBS Chorus was built to perform at scale, so you’ll find it easy to access your projects, preliminaries, specifications, and any related NBS guidance and NBS manufacturer product information without needing additional software or IT permissions. Having the platform entirely online also eliminates the need to update the platform, which means that you’ll always have the latest version of NBS Chorus and access to your connected, synchronized data when you sign in. 
NBS Chorus in the Australian Outback

Responsively designed:

Although NBS Chorus is optimized for desktop use, it’s fully functional on tablets and other mobile devices. Chorus will respond to the device you’re using, adapting the layout of contents panels to fit the width of your screen. If you’re working on a device with limited screen space, you can also choose to hide panels you may not be using at the time, such as the contents and NBS guidance. 

Unlike previous NBS products, there’s no limitation for Mac users, and NBS will continue to develop the responsiveness of the platform on a range of mobile devices and touchscreen workflows.  

Now might also be a good time to let us know about any new features you’d like to see. Users can also get involved with the testing process for the development of Chorus, and our design and product teams are always keen to hear from you. 
Features requests and ideas forum in NBS Chorus


By far most collaborative platform we’ve ever provided, NBS Chorus can accommodate a range of team working and collaborative processes, and its performance has been tested with many users working together concurrently, accessing the data in both browser-based Chorus and the model integration plug-ins. The days of exchanging PDF documents or Word files to collaborate on the specification data are long-gone. 

As an organisation administrator in Chorus, you can add users to your organisation quickly with a list of email addresses, and build a visual dashboard of projects. You can even set up new projects and specifications easily with just a few key pieces of data, and control user permissions to ensure your colleagues and project team members have the right level of access to the specifications they need to read or edit. 

Guidance and Spec notes:

Alongside the wealth of over 20 000 pre-authored NBS clauses and options that help you specify accurately and in accordance with standards, you can read comprehensive NBS guidance authored by our team of specialists to provide further background on the thousands of standards and other reference documents cited across NBS. 

NBS general guidance has been authored to give wider context to subject areas and system types, and can help you understand the NBS content in greater depth, reducing your risk and keeping up-to-date with changing standards and new products. 

If traditionally you’ve been a user of Common Arrangement of Work Sections (CAWS) content, or familiar with F10 and K13, working from home could be a good opportunity to explore Uniclass 2015 classification and content in NBS Chorus. There are a number of great articles and case studies to help you navigate an evolving industry. 

Access to NBS Support and Technical Teams:

During such a strange time, NBS are here to help you work, and want to ensure you can continue to access the information and tools you need. In parallel, NBS are committed to delivering our high levels of service and support as normal. 

Remember, you can contact our support teams online via chat and through phone and email channels, including NBS software, and technical content teams. NBS will make every effort to maintain uninterrupted service, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if we can assist you.

To find out more about NBS Chorus and what options are available for your business (including monthly payment plans) follow this link.