01 February 2022

NBS Australia and Global GreenTag International (GGTI) have signed a partnership agreement to collaborate and promote the specification of environmentally sustainable materials in construction projects. Climate change is a global issue and the construction industry, as one of the biggest global emitters, has a major role to play.

Architects and specifiers use NBS platforms to make specification decisions on tens of thousands of construction projects each year. Sustainability is arguably the most important topic in architecture today and NBS recognises that the specification content they provide can help make a significant positive difference to the future built environment.

GreenTag is one of the world’s most robust, trusted and widely recognised ecolabels. They independently assure that every product is fitness tested and certified under one of two leading certification programs that use world’s best scientific methods. GreenTag certification provides specifiers with trustworthy information on green products quickly and efficiently.

By integrating GreenTag certifications into the NBS Source and NBS Chorus platforms, NBS and GGTI are making it easier for specifiers to make informed decisions on the products they select, which will help to create a more sustainable built environment. As part of the partnership, NBS and GGTI will work together to provide the industry with educational webinars and insightful content.


Lincoln Easton, Managing Director at NBS Australia said, “We’re excited to partner with Global GreenTag and look forward to working together to promote sustainability and the specification of green products in construction. Sustainability in NBS content typically focuses on environmental and ecological considerations. We don’t determine what is or isn’t ‘green’. Instead, we offer guidance and resources to aid decision-making. By partnering with GreenTag we’re able to offer specifiers that trusted ‘green’ certification to help them make more informed decisions.”

Mary-Lou Kelly, GGTI's Managing Director, also welcomes the Partnership with NBS, adding, "it marks a wonderful opportunity for manufacturers, such as those whose products and materials are certified, declared or verified by Global GreenTag. We are excited for them because they are designing and producing truly stellar examples of green, healthy and ethically manufactured products and materials for the building industry. We see this platform as a great way to validate their dedication to sustainability, to provide assurance of their product claims and help more of the market to avoid product greenwashing." 

David Baggs, CEO and Program Director at GGTI said, “GreenTag partnering with NBS represents an important step forward for specifiers and the industry at large, providing reliable, up to date indication of certified products that can help meet rating tool requirements like Green Star®, The International WELL™ Building Standard and others, right there in the spec while writing or researching. It’s at the very least an Australian first that recognises the important linkage between specification tools like NBS Source and NBS Chorus platforms, green and healthy project rating systems and product certification. The industry will benefit from reduced research and certification time with live links to the GreenTag certification pages and projects and manufacturers will benefit from reduced records management and maintenance costs and increased synergy with green and health focused project design and construction teams.”

Global Green Tag International (GGTI) is a global certification company, independently assessing the environmental credentials, health and ethical supply chain credentials of products.

NBS is an integrated global technology platform for everyone involved in the design, supply and construction of the built environment.

For media enquiries or image requests please email: ausmarketing@thenbs.com or media@globalgreentag.com